We help brands kindle true connections with their customers.

Digital Spill Creative Studios is where your brand's potential becomes a digital reality. Drawing upon design precision, expertise in technical marketing, and a knack for brand storytelling, we craft online experiences that captivate and convert.

We don't just design; we understand your business's unique challenges and tailor strategies that drive tangible results.

Whether enhancing online visibility, ensuring seamless user experiences, or narrating a brand story that resonates, we're here to elevate your digital presence and set you apart in a crowded marketplace.

Our Team

Chad Sherman

Founder | Project Manager | Lead Designer
Distinguished by his ability to precisely balance visual elegance and functional design, Chad is the innovative force behind Digital Spill Creative Studios.

Cultivating spaces of creative expression has always driven Chad personally and professionally. During his tenure at American Immersion Theater, Chad was instrumental in both crafting a responsive website tailored to a national audience and orchestrating multichannel marketing campaigns as part of a significant brand overhaul.

Through his subsequent independent design practice, Chad established strong connections with various SMB clients, designing custom digital experiences that became emblematic of their respective brands.

Drawing from his extensive background, Chad founded Digital Spill Creative Studios, where, in collaboration with Andrea Canestrelli and Nathaniel Sky, he continues to redefine the contours of creative development.
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Andrea Canestrelli

Co-Developer | Technical Analyst
Andrea, an accomplished Technical Marketer and Brand Analyst, brings a wealth of diverse experience to the Digital Spill team.

His career began at private equity firm, Blackford Capital, where he honed his analytical skills in evaluating businesses for acquisition.

As marketing director at American Immersion Theater, Andrea Canestrelli worked with Digital Spill founder Chad Sherman to conduct a comprehensive brand redesign. Together they developed a new responsive website, created a customized SEO strategy, and took several successful multi-platform paid advertising campaigns from strategy to implementation and iterative refinement.

At TCS Market, Andrea built a complex ecommerce brand from the ground up, optimizing discoverability in competitive marketplaces and creating sophisticated operational systems to align inventory procurement with market sentiment and demand.

Andrea's unique blend of technical marketing and intuitive business acumen position him as a strategic navigator in the digital marketing landscape.

Nathanial Sky Curie

Digital Strategist | Content Developer
Nathaniel Sky Curie is a dynamic brand content developer and designer known for weaving compelling narratives with impactful designs.

Launching his career as a freelance writer, Nathaniel authored insightful articles on health and sustainability. Further expanding his portfolio, he explored workplace dynamics with Below Press, enriching his pieces through interviews with topical experts.

In 2019, Nathaniel led the development of Immersion Nation, meticulously building its brand presence from scratch – from designing an intuitive website and spearheading social media campaigns to hosting, producing, and editing an engaging podcast.

Collaborating with Andrea at TCS Market, Nathaniel utilized his experience in business development to cultivate brand visibility in saturated marketplaces.

With a keen eye for design and a passion for curating seamless customer experiences, Nathaniel's holistic approach to brand content has consistently paved the way for genuine business-consumer connections.

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